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Veterans Legal Services' annual event, held on June 9, 2022, was a celebration of service — from military service and social services to volunteerism in support of Massachusetts veterans in need. U.S. Congressman and Marine Corps veteran Seth Moulton (MA-6th) honored VLS as its featured speaker.

Legal aid is an essential service, and VLS is the only legal services organization in the Commonwealth whose mission is to meet the unique civil legal needs of economically disadvantaged veterans. VLS's staff and volunteer attorneys are honored to serve veterans and communities throughout Massachusetts, helping them live the healthy, happy, and productive lives they deserve. 

"When every veteran in our communities thrive, all of our communities will be healthier and stronger."         
— Congressman Seth Moulton 


5-STAR SPONSOR ($15,000)

4-STAR SPONSORS ($10,000)

Rosemary and Richard Allen

Nicholas Hasenfus

Bill and
Diane Asher

3-STAR SPONSORS ($5,000)

Allan and
Nancy Ryan

Joseph and 
Veronika Goodwin

Michael Douvadjian 

Digger and
Susan Donahue

Brian Carty

Daniel Boyle

2-STAR SPONSORS ($2,500)

James P. Whitters 
and Susan Moore

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