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What is Chapter 115?

The Chapter 115 Program is unique to Massachusetts. It was established by state law and is run by the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) in partnership with local Veterans’ Service Officers (VSOs). The program provides up to $2,257 in financial assistance to veterans and/or their dependents in need of food, shelter/housing, clothing, and medical care. 

Caring for Family
Who can get Chapter 115 benefits?

Chapter 115 is a benefit veterans earn through their service. To qualify, you must be a veteran or a dependent of a veteran, show financial need, and live in Massachusetts. Dependents can include children, spouses, and even some parents. Financial need is determined based on your income and assets. Find out if you are eligible.

How does Chapter 115 work?

Your city or town’s local VSO takes applications, gets approval from DVS, and distributes benefits. All applications are confidential.

What benefits are available? 

Benefits can include monthly cash assistance payments up to a maximum of $2,257, reimbursement of medical expenses, and emergency cash payments if you are behind on your mortgage, rent, or utilities. Visit to see if you may qualify and for an estimate of how much you might receive.

Is it confidential? 

Yes. The VSO must keep your information private and confidential. The VSO may ask you to sign releases for other agencies to get information about your eligibility.

How do I apply? 

To apply, contact your local VSO in your city or town. To find your local VSO visit or call DVS at (617) 210-5480. Also check your city or town’s website, as contact information may have changed.

What if I'm denied? 

Contact us! Veterans Legal Services might be able to help. Call us at (857) 317-4474, or email at

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